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I blinked one day and when I opened my eyes, it was normal to have an American army battling Americans on American streets. No one even calls it a war. But it is.

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Koyo Maeda

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Lawrence, KS: 4th most educated city in the US, with a low GDP and few jobs.

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Remember this face ๐Ÿ’‹

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Charts from OKCupid, showing how straight women and men rate each other based on ages. For women, the men they find most attractive are roughly their own age. For men, the women they find most attractive are roughly the same age - 20 to 23 - regardless of the age of the man. (538)

Good fucking Christ.

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Millennials Are Actually MORE Likely To Read Books, Study Says ›

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Gotta put this on blast.
We never needed a white savior.

I hate this country.

What I learned from this video:

  • 100 millionย Native Americansย died at the hands of white colonists
  • Instead of planting crops the colonists spent their days digging random holes in the ground looking for gold. They started starving and dug up Indian corpses to eat. They took Indian prisoners and forced them to teach the colonists how to farm
  • Native Americans had massive cities with tens of thousands of well constructed houses, intricate water canals and large merchant areas.
  • The Native Americans used soaps, deodorants and breath sweeteners while colonists never bathed or even took of their clothes
  • There was a delousing policy with the mantra Nits create Lice; nits being Native American babies, so their goal was to kill every Indian, including babiesย 
  • In the 1700โ€™s 80% of the Federal Budget went towards eradicating the Native American population so they could take their developed farmland
  • Colonists leaders went town after town killing men women and children under the approval of George Washington
  • "Pursue Indians to extermination" -Thomas Jefferson
  • California governor (1849-1851): โ€œextermination must continue to be waged until the Indian becomes extinctโ€

The main factor which prevented Native American extinction was the fact they were used for slave labor. The most prized Native Americans were young girls who were said to be valued for labor and lust (that one white dude in your ethnic studies class that says heโ€™s 1/36th Cherokee?)

In modern times children were forced into Indian Boarding Schools whose goal was to โ€œKill the Indian in themโ€. It was federal policy. They were beaten if they used their native tongue, they were forced to dress and style their hair like whitesย 

This country was literally built on terrorism and mass murder. White people are savage terrorists.

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Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY โ€œnoโ€ vote.

Thatโ€™s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.

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Leggings and shorts, high tops and raincoats. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒžโ˜”๏ธ #Gabel #ours

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I respect bees more than I respect white men in positions of power

bees make an important contribution to the survival of the human race which makes them the exact opposite of white men in positions of power

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Dascha Polanco attends the Rolando Santana Spring 2015 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 on September 7, 2014 in New York City.

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